The Ultimate Guide to Designing Lip Balm Packaging

September 3, 2021

Lip balm packaging

Designing cosmetic packaging for your products is an exciting journey. To design a perfect solution, you need to prioritize what matters to you the most. Work on the product quality and the design to build an identity that reflects your values. It is essential to give your customers more than they have purchased. One of the essential things to consider is to stand out. There are hundreds and thousands of cosmetic brands in the market. Everyone is trying hard to get the customer’s attention, but it is not a piece of cake. When it comes to cosmetic products, customers prefer the known brands. But they are always ready to give a try to a brand that promises a quality experience.

What Do You Need To Consider For Lip Balm Packaging?

Women love to buy cosmetic products, and they love it more when packed beautifully. Whether it is men or women, lip balm is the need of every individual. It keeps the lips soft, especially in the winter season. The demand for this small cosmetic item is high. When the market is high, the competition is also high. So, what do you need to do to make customers choose you over the other option? You only need to be unique. But before you start designing an exceptional solution, it is essential to understand the basics of Lip Balm Packaging design.

Some cosmetic brands prefer to be minimal, while some opt for a high-end and luxurious solution.

Check out some tips to design lip balm boxes to drive sales:

Ability to Protect the Inside Content

Certain cosmetics are highly sensitive and need a durable solution to withstand different conditions. The more you expose the cosmetic to light, the faster they will get spoiled. To avoid any disaster, know your product in detail. What is the product’s dimension? How much protection does the content need? What are the safety requirements? The more you know your product better, the easier it will be to choose the best. Make sure you are choosing the right material and also picking the right box size. The size of the box plays a big role in protecting the inside content.

Make Sure To Be Eco Friendly

We can’t deny the fact that non-biodegradable plastic is a threat to our environment. The responsibility falls on the shoulders of cosmetic brands. Being sustainable is the need of the hour. If you are not green, it is impossible to stay in the market. Eco-friendly lip balm boxes are an excellent option to build a positive brand image. Look for solutions that are recyclable and reusable. First, choose the fully recyclable material. Optimize the whole process and also choose Eco-friendly ink for printing. Lastly, encourage your customers to reuse the packaging and share their ideas on your social media handles.

Choose the Best Material for Soap Packaging

Choosing the best material for Soap Packaging is an essential step. It is the first step of designing a high-quality solution. The material you choose can be a huge factor in making your product successful. Don’t compromise the quality in order to save few dollars. A high-quality material takes printing and customization well. It makes your product look high-end and luxurious. Moreover, the high-quality material ensures the necessary protection. It can protect the product from light, heat, moisture, and other environmental factors. A wrong choice will only result in loss and customer dissatisfaction.

Be Consistent With the Brand Image

Being consistent is the key to be recognized and memorable. Many big cosmetic names are known only for their brand consistency. It will help to communicate the message and image you want to deliver. There are many different types of lip balms in the market. A single brand usually offers 5 to 6 options. While designing packaging for all the lip balms, make sure to choose one theme for all. If you are opting for a minimal design, make sure to implement it across all the channels.

Pay Attention to Labeling and Information

The information you provide to the customers is crucial. Add all the necessary detail which a person needs to know. From the product’s name to the expiration dates, customers pay attention to every small detail. The first thing customers notice is the item name and the name of the company. Second, make sure to add your logo. List all the product benefits and don’t forget the unique selling points. If there are any precautions needs, list them as well. Mention all the necessary. You can also add QR codes to let customers know more about you.

Opt For Custom Boxes with Window

Allow your customers to see what is inside with custom boxes with a little transparency. Clear plastic boxes are not a trend anymore. Moreover, these boxes are not durable and have zero aesthetic appeal. Instead of it, you can use cosmetic boxes with window to add little transparency. Window packaging is available in different die-cut shapes. The beautiful designs on the top of the boxes increase the visual appeal. Giving a sneak peek at your product provide customers confidence in their purchase. If the first experiment goes smoothly, they are more likely to purchase from you again.

Lip Liner Packaging


Customize the Experience with Printed Lip Liner Packaging

A valuable experience always results in repeat business and loyal customers. So make sure to show your love and care with our packaging solution. One of the easiest ways to do this is to personalize the unboxing. Adding small handwritten notes can bring a smile to the customer’s face. Discount coupons and vouchers can also make someone’s day. Including a sample or a free product will result in boosted sales. An enhanced unboxing experience is beneficial to both the customers and the brand.

The above tips can help you to design printed Lip Liner Packaging to drive sales. Pick out the best options, and don’t be afraid to take a risk. The solution you choose needs to be durable, Eco-friendly and resonates with your targeted audience. So always consider customer’s needs and product requirements for a perfect cosmetic packaging solution.

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