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    Hair extensions are one of the popular cosmetic items. Women used it to make their hairs look more beautiful and heavier. Hair extension falls in the category of luxury cosmetic products and its packaging should also be luxurious. That’s why most of the brands choose custom hair extension packaging boxes. It makes an ordinary product more appealing and also presentable in front of the customers. Custom boxes not add appeal but also keep the hair extensions safe and maintain its shape.

    The number of cosmetic brands in the market is countless. To compete in the market, it is necessary to have a well-designed packaging box. That’s why brands should pay full attention to the designing of hair-extension boxes. Below are some of the tips about the unique design of boxes which you can use for your cosmetic packaging

    Minimal design with solid colors for hair extension packaging

    Minimalist packaging is the latest trend and that’s why it is on the top of our list. The minimal design usually comes with a sold color for the background. You can add a contrast of two colors or different colors for the side of the boxes. If you design carefully, simple hair extension boxes can grab customer’s attention.

    Packaging with a plastic window cut-out

    Transparent o clear packaging allows customers to have the sneak peek of the product. You can choose to add a plastic window on the front or at the side of the boxes. It will assure buyers that they are buying exactly what they are seeing.  It will increase the customer’s trust in your brand.

    Cosmetic Boxes with metallic print

    Cosmetics are luxury items which add beauty to one’s personality and packaging should also add appeal to the product. Metallic prints are one of the options to make your custom hair extension packaging boxes high-end. You can choose any of the print

    • Gold foil stamping
    • Silver foil stamping
    • Ink printing with a metallic finish
    • Embossing and debossing

    If you design the boxes in the right way, your hair extension packaging can become the talk of the town.

    Opt for graphic and image printing

    Graphic or image printing works great in retail stores. It catches the customer’s attention more instantly. Hair extension boxes with images of real girl or models can show customers how they will look with extension. It can also act as a marketing channel for your brand. Images should be in high-quality with a great finish. You can also add some graphics to the box design.

    Use bright colors contrast for extra appeal

    One of the easiest ways to draw customers is to use bright color contrast on the packaging boxes.  The colors should be appealing and easy on the eyes of customers. Try different combination to know which make the boxes effective on retail shelves. It will look great if you choose the right color combination.

    Packaging with shade indicator

    Boxes with shade indicator can be the best choice for hair extension packaging. If you don’t want to add transparency, this option will work the same. You can choose the color of the product as one solid color of the box or else you can have the patch of the color on the top of the box for a unique design.

    Choose something funky and exciting

    Print always captures the attention no matter on which medium you are using it. When you visit a cosmetic store, you will see hair extension boxes with simple and minimal packaging. But you can ditch the trend by adding something funky into your packaging. It can excite customers to know what’s unique in the product. If you have some doubt, you can try a short sample run.

    Long and flat boxes can help

    Hair extensions have the minimum thickness and are a flat product. Choose a box which effortlessly complements your product. It doesn’t mean to use a box with few millimeter thicknesses. But it would be better to use a long and flat box. These boxes have a unique look so it can become the center of attention. You can also add a clear window on the front of the boxes to show off your product.

    When you want to provide a unique experience, you have to try something which stands out in the crowd. Above ideas can help you to have hair extension packaging which can set your brand apart. With the help of WOW cosmetic boxes, you can meet the packaging requirements of your cosmetic product.