The importance of custom lip gloss boxes in the cosmetic market

December 26, 2019


Packaging plays a vital role in the sales of the products whether you are selling high-end cosmetics or an ordinary household item. When you think of the big cosmetic brands, you can easily recall their product because of the unique packaging. Lip gloss is a small item but its packaging is also critical to enticing customers. Custom lip gloss boxes should be attractive and eye-catching as well to make your presence felt on the shelves.

Designing the right packaging is important

It will be a surprise for you that every year almost 95% of new lip gloss businesses fail to make their name in the industry. The main reason for this mischief is the packaging which most of the brands don’t take seriously. When a new product came into the market, customers don’t judge it compared to other products. But they make their decision centered on two things; brand name and the packaging box.

Custom packaging boxes facilitates the purchase decision, especially in the retail market. It will tell customers how the brand is apart from the others and what unique features your product offers. So it ultimately means if you fail to have impressive lip gloss packaging, your brand journey is small. Getting the right box for your product is more than important. It will provide you the needed exposure and will also help you to reach a wider audience.

Role of lip gloss boxes in the beauty industry

Cosmetics are considered as luxurious items and their packaging should also convey a positive brand image. It not only supports the brand but also play an active role in marketing. If designed with the help of professionals, your boxes can be a tool to gain customers not only in retail stores but also at online shops. You can also go for DIY ideas but taking expert help is worth it.

The beauty industry is fast-paced and its trends are continuously changing with time. Whether it is product containers or its packaging boxes, brands have to keep an eye on the latest developments. Packaging companies and experts can help you out with the unique design of beauty packaging.

Lip gloss is a small item. Its packaging should be easy to use, handle and stack on the store’s shelves. Moreover, customers should easily read the product and brand name from the labels. Here are some features to must-have in your custom lip gloss boxes wholesale

  • The labels should be clear and easy to read
  • Label all the important information clearly
  • Cosmetic products can be reactive so the box should ensure total protection
  • It should be tamper-evident and prevent any spoilage

Designing a packaging that works is as important as having a high-quality product. Customers will not accept a high-quality product packed in the standard packaging box. So, make sure that the packaging should perfectly complement the product.

Right packaging provides you a competitive edge

When it comes to designing the right lip gloss packaging or lipstick boxes, it should not only be appealing but should also stand out in the retail market. You have to consider a lot of things to get the right design, shape, and style. So, here are some tips to follow to design the right kind of lip gloss boxes.

  • Know your audience: Your custom packaging should speak it to those who are going to buy it. Customers will not consider a product packed in a low-quality box. Lip gloss is solely for women so, its packaging should be according to the audience’s taste. The boxes should not be too loud and also not be too simple.
  • Get the right size: Choosing the right size of boxes in more important than you think. The box according to product dimensions will hold the item effortlessly. It also keeps the lip gloss containers from banging around which minimize the risk of and breakage. Also, extra packaging material means extra waste.
  • Personalize it: Personalized packaging doesn’t mean it should be expensive. You can customize the lip gloss boxes by staying in your budget. Design packaging by considering different DIY options especially if you have just started your business. Putting your brand name and adding an appealing design will give a high-end feel to your packaging.
  • Protection should be top priority: Lip gloss is a liquid product and mostly comes in plastic or glass containers. It has more risk of being damaged ad your product may get leaked. So, use durable and sturdy packaging material for your boxes. It will ensure the safety of inside content until it reaches its final destination.
  • Make it Eco-friendly: Eco-friendly packaging boxes are a strong reason for customers to buy a particular product. You can use this idea for your lip gloss packaging. Use material that is not only recyclable but also makes the boxes reusable. Nowadays, most of the customers only look for products that are packed in nature-friendly packaging.

With the help of the above guide, you can get the packaging that every brand wants to have. Big brands are famous not only for their products but also for their unique and minimal packaging design. In this blog, we have not only talked about lip-gloss packaging but the guide also goes for lip balm and lipstick boxes. So, remember the packaging should not reflect the brand image but customers can also connect with it.

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