DIY or Hired Soap Boxes Designs

July 7, 2020

soap boxes

There are a number of ways in which you can move forward with the preferred designer for your Soap Boxes. Among these many choices, we can highlight two most common choices you can try out to see if things can work in your favor.

Want to know the ideal and suitable ways? Well, let’s have a look:

The Do It Yourself (DYI) Designing Bit

To get thing started, how about you try to design on your own. This can be ideally preferable if you have the ability to come up with highly innovative ideas. At the same time, you have a brilliant knack for creativity and superb designing. You have a unique mind that allows you to design the most amazing choices. But only because you have done designing for a fair amount of time now. However, when you lack the skills and expertise, best you do not get carried away and get tempted by such a thing. It is never going to be favorable taking such a massive risk thinking you can create a packaging on your own, at a low budget. Such a mindset is never going to take you anywhere. The only time you need to be trying out such a thing is when you know that you have the right designing skills and experience.

We know that it will never be favorable for you to go down this path because it’s far too risky for you. Failing your design is the ultimately failure of your product and brand.

You should know that your packaging design is of due importance. The sooner you get this thing in your head, the better you will be able to make your decisions that will work in your favor. Just keep in mind that your brand’s success is hanging on your packaging design. That is the reason why it needs to be perfect in every way.

Hiring the Expertise of a Professional Designer

The next most ideal and suitable option would be you hiring a professional. A designer who is an expert at its job. A person who has the ability of managing the whole of your designing process for your products and business.

soap and Bath Bomb boxes


You have two ideally suitable ways of doing that. You can either hire a Freelance designer for your packaging choices. Or the second thing to do would be initiating a contest.

We can tell you how to effectively deal with two different options. If you have a keen desire of working directly with a freelance designer, then you need to look for someone that has the right kind of skills and enough amount of experience in the relevant product packaging designing field. Even better, if the personnel has prior experience is the industry that can make things even better.

But if you go with the latter choice – launching a designing contest – then you will be needed to jot down a single brief and then put it up. Let all the professional designers out there know what you are looking for and allow them send in their crafts work along with their unique and brilliant ideas. There are a number of Freelancing web portals out there where you need to post your brief and requirements. This is one way to kick start everything.

Let’s Kick Start the Designing Process!

Super news! Finally, you have got yourself a designer onboard to assist you in your journey. Now we are heading toward the exciting bit. That’s the designing of your packaging. Woohoo!

The first thing to do would be reviewing your design style for the brand with the hired professional. After checking the design, you can fill in the professional with your opinion. Tell them what you’re thinking, and be precise and accurate about it. If you feel the design is missing something, tell them. You should tell the expert exactly what you need. You can ask the expert to first create a mock-up of the design for you. Because when you do that, there will be something you can look at and base your opinion. This concrete packaging piece will be the basis on which you will get to decide if you have the kind of design that is worthy to place your product in or not.

You now have the mock-up design out of your way. You now know how the final packaging product is going to look like. Now you have the choice of evaluating your product with your packaging to see if the two blend together. Find out if the choice is making sense with your good that you need to pack inside. You need to ensure in every way that you have the kind of design that will fit your product perfectly and make it a star.

This is what you need to asking yourself while in the process of evaluating the mock-up that you received:

  • Do you find the design to be appealing enough? Do you think it can easily grab the customer’s attention, especially those that you are targeting?
  • Does the design reflect in a clear and sound manner the product that you have packed inside? Will your buyers be able to figure out the product that you have inside as soon as they set their eyes on the packaging design?
  • Does your design reflect ease and comfort? Is it something the customers can easily use? Do you think that your design is accessible enough for your buyers?
  • Is your packaging design attractive and strong enough to give all rivalries in the industry a run for their money? Will it make the competitors face a hard time trying to beat your packaging design?
  • Can the design make your product a standout, especially when it is up against a fierce competition?
  • Think of how your design for packaging is going to look like in 3D?

Bath Bomb boxes

Do you think your design has the potential to have the same amount of relevance and credibility a few years from now as it has in current times?

These are the factors that you need to consider before the design is wrapped up. Because once this goes in the printing, there is no way you can turn back and make amends.

You have now finalized your design for packaging with the expert. Your designer created for you a packaging die-line as well. This is, obviously, for your comfort and ease. You can now easily forward this file to your printing guy. Following is what you need to ask for from your designer:

  • Ask the designer to send you a file in vector format which contains the die-lines for your packaging for each product that you had in your list.
  • Tell the designer to send color codes in either Pan-tone or CMKY format.

Once you have acquired these two important files from your designers, now it’s time for you to send the Bath Bomb Boxes design to your printing partners. The entity will help in effectively printing the design for your packaging. Once that process is also completed, you are all set to ship out your products all across the world.

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