6 Ideas to Design Packaging for Bath Bombs

June 22, 2021

Packaging for bath bombs

Custom packaging is a unique and innovative solution. It takes a lot of effort and creativity to make it work. After all, the main purpose of designing the custom boxes is to present your products appealingly and makes it easy for the customers to get the most out of the purchase. Custom packaging is a perfect tool to initiate customer’s interest and influence them to purchase the product. A well-designed solution will not only boost sales but also make consumers share their experience with a friend. In short, when you take the right approach, you can turn a simple box into the most powerful branding tool.

How To Design Packaging for Bath Bombs Effectively?

One of the biggest challenges most bath bomb brands face is that there are so many brands competing on the store’s shelves to catch the customer’s eye. Only a few of them get successful in providing a seamless experience with custom Packaging for Bath Bombs. Some brands only fail because the design doesn’t meet the user’s expectations. So you have to learn how to design a perfect solution for bath bomb boxes. Here are six design ideas from pros to follow for a good packaging design.

Take Advantage of The White Space

Most of you will confuse the white space with the white background of the box, but it is the area between the design elements, and it can be of any color. Many designers use white space for sophistication and elegance, but customers often see it as the wasted space. How you use the white space to enhance the visual appeal can influence the customer’s perception of your product and brand. It is a great area to balance and organize all the elements for better visual communication. Customers usually overlook the design filled with unnecessary details. White space conveys the feeling of calmness.

Create A Good Hierarchy of Information

How many times have you read the instruction on the packaging boxes and thought that was wrong? Mostly the information presented on the product boxes is not in the correct order. The essential facts are usually in the last, and the information is not properly executed. Ensure that all the valuable info is present first. Creating the correct information hierarchy can make or break sales. The order could depend on what you sell. Tell your customers what they need to know properly. It will help to avoid any complaints and returns. The information is a crucial part of the design, and it should be on point.

Soap Packaging Boxes

Smart Use of Colors in Soap Packaging Boxes

The one design element which sets the mood is the color. It has the power to make your product and brand stand out on the shelves. Whether you are using the primary hues or the complementary, customers pay close attention to the color choice. Using the brand colors is the right approach to maintain consistency through Soap Packaging Boxes. The right combo can trigger all the feeling and emotions which directly influence the purchase decision. So, it means that picking the right colors is crucial to building a unique identity in the crowd.

Keep the following things in mind to choose the right colors:

  • Think about customers
  • Product and brand relevancy
  • Standing out in the crowd
  • Communicating the product info
  • Brand consistency and values

There are a lot more to consider, but first, you need to understand color psychology.

Replace The Traditional Designs with Illustrations

Packaging visual design holds great importance for the customers. You have to choose the most suitable elements to communicate your message. Take advantage of illustration to convey your product and brand message. Illustrations are the drawing or picture usually used to clarify the message. It is a tool that more and more brands are using to increase the shopper’s interest in their product. Illustration has the power to create strong feelings and emotions which remain in our memory for a long time. Do it yourself or work with a designer to create a string illustration for bath bomb packaging.

Don’t Forget the Targeted Audience

When it comes to competing in the saturated bath bomb industry, the targeted audience is what can make or break your brand. Designing bath bomb packaging is not an easy and simple task. You have to do research and gather information from different sources. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes to think like them. From the material choice to the finishing options, everything should be by customer’s need. You can ask for their feedback on social media platforms and provide them with two or three design templates. They can help you to choose the best, and their advice does matter.

Custom Beard Oil Boxes

Make Sustainability A Priority for Custom Beard Oil Boxes

Sustainability means making use of recyclable material and ensuring the production process to be more Eco-friendly. But your role doesn’t end with practicing environment-friendly ways; you also need to encourage customers to reuse and up-cycle the packaging. When designing custom bath bomb boxes, use recyclable and reusable material. Cardboard, corrugate, Kraft, and paperboard are some of the popular choices for Eco-friendly materials. Try to use green (soy-based) ink instead of the traditional ones to make a healthy impact on the environment. Instead of using regular fillers, you can go for recyclable air cushion pillows and tissue paper.

Custom boxes can draw much-needed attention towards your brand. In the end, well-designed Custom Beard Oil Boxes are what your brands need to compete in the crowded market. A brand that fails in custom packaging can get lost in the crowd. The tips we provided are an ideal way to make sure that you pop on the shelves.

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