Lip balm containers

Custom Lip Balm Packaging – Make a Brand Statement

Small cosmetic items that are common in use need more attention regarding packaging. People usually don’t think much when buying everyday products. One of these items is lip balms. They are a necessary element of our daily life routine. But usually, customers pick the item from the shelves without spending the time to take a […]

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Custom Lip Balm Boxes – Which Packaging Details Matter?

There is no doubt that designing a custom packaging solution is an exciting and overwhelming process. Every cosmetic item needs a solution that sets it apart. From the choice of the colors to the weight of the package, take every detail into account. A complete solution gives your product a unique personality. Custom packaging isn’t […]

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Lip Balm Boxes – 7 Functions of Custom Packaging

Have you ever paid attention to the packaging while unboxing a product? Sometimes we only open the box without giving any attention to its presentation. Yet, custom packaging communicates many messages and hints regarding the product and the brand, and it stays in our unconscious mind forever. If designed perfectly, the package and its design […]

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