Small Boxes for Cosmetic – The Right Size Matters

June 23, 2021

Boxes for cosmetic

Have you ever received a product packed in an over-sized box? We already know the answer. Many cosmetic brands opt for one-size boxes to package and deliver the products. It is non-sustainable practice which only results in waste. Choosing the right size boxes for your products has become essential than ever. When we talk about the right size, it means maintaining the void space present in the box to protect the product. Small custom boxes are becoming the new trend in the packaging industry and they are an ultimate way to cut the cost and reduce the waste. It is also an ideal way to enhance the unboxing experience.

How Custom Small Boxes for Cosmetic Are an Ideal Solution?

The demand of small Boxes for Cosmetic in coming from the customers who don’t want to buy product packaged in large containers. The trend is also getting popular in the e-commerce industry especially the individual businesses and small retailers. You have to choose a middle path; too little or too much packaging solution always result in failure. A large box not only contributes to the waste but it is difficult to handle and also results in high shipping cost. It also frustrates customers to open the box and see a product swimming in the pile of unnecessary material. When you go for a too small size, it can result in product damage.

Here is everything you need to know about using a small but right-size packaging solution for your cosmetic products.

Everyone Is Demanding a Sustainable Packaging Solution

In short, every one of us wants a sustainable packaging solution. Customers are becoming more and more Eco-conscious and they want to play their part in saving the environment. Small size boxes promote the sustainability as it cut the use of foam and plastic.

Shipping vendors demands the brands to use the small size boxes for shipping and delivery. These containers takes less space which results in less cost. Efficiency and the right size have increased the demand of small packages in the shipping industry.

Retailers also asking the brands to use the right-size packaging for cosmetic products. An efficient solution reduces the wastes, takes less space on the shelves, and ensures the safe delivery of the products.

Customers want their favorite brands to package and ship the product in the smaller boxes. They have stopped buying from the brands who are using unnecessary material and shipping only air.

Boxes for Soap

Cosmetic Brands Are Switching to The Right Size Boxes for Soap

More and more cosmetic brands are making a switch to waste-free packaging solutions. Not only cosmetic industry, but soap brand is also choosing the right size Boxes for Soap products. Choosing a box which holds and protects the product without leaving a large void space is an ideal way to be sustainable.

Follow the below steps to design the right packaging solution for cosmetic products.

  • Choose the material to reduce the waste and not use oversized containers
  • Consider using 100% recyclable and reusable material
  • Use durable material to protect the product instead of using fillers
  • Make it easy for customers to handle and open the package

When you don’t sell customers unnecessary material and void, you can win their loyalty for lifetime. It helps you to build a positive brand image and leave a killer impression on the targeted audience. Reducing the cost by eliminating the waste is the way to go.

Why Companies Shouldn’t Use Large Boxes for Shipping?

While shipping, vendors and brands face many challenges and the most crucial is to provide the ultimate protection. E-commerce shipping is different from the traditional one and it is one of most crucial touch-points involved in providing an ultimate customer experience. The oversized boxes have more material which led to more environmental waste. The extra space present in the box can result in damage as it allows the product to move freely inside. Today’s customers want their favorite brands to be more sustainable and Eco-friendly. So, it is time to start using small size boxes to ship cosmetic product.

Printed Beard Oil Boxes

Choosing The Right Size for Printed Beard Oil Boxes

Most brands have the misconception that using a bigger size package can protect the product but it is only a delusion. Cosmetic products comes in different sizes and are delicate. That’s why you need a box which matches the product dimensions and also provide high-end protection. Consider the following factors to choose the right size boxes.

Consider your product: It is essential to know the dimensions of your product to choose the right size container. You can get a custom size and shape from any manufacturer. Consider the protection level your product needs. Weight is another factor to choose the right solution.

Think about the budget: Small size boxes cost you less as compared to bigger one. Buying in wholesale also help you to save a lot. To judge the quality of the boxes and to make sure that you have chosen the right size, buy 40 to 50 boxes first.

Features of cosmetic packaging: What design features you want for your cosmetic packaging also matters while choosing the right box size. Small Eco-friendly Printed Beard Oil Boxes are way to show minimalism and your commitment to save the environment.

The right size packaging has a vital role to play in providing an exceptional experience to the customers. It has the potential to save your brand from spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary material. Most importantly, it doesn’t result in the environmental waste. Brands who have used the smaller size boxes manage to save cost 30% to 40%. So cut down the use of unnecessary material and switch to the right size now.

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