Seven Reasons to Use Small Boxes for Cosmetics

October 26, 2021

Small Boxes For Cosmetics

When You Think About Designing A Packaging Solution For Your Cosmetic Line, There Are Many Elements And Factors To Consider. Designing A Perfect Solution Is All About Balancing The Cost And Customers Experience. It Is Essential To Ensure That Your Cosmetic Containers Not Only Look Good On The Shelves But Also Meet The Sustainability Requirements. Having An Optimized Solution Is Crucial To Save Costs And Reduce The Carbon Footprints On The Environment. It Is Vital For Both New And Established Businesses To Cut The Use Of Packaging Material. It Will Not Only Save The Cost But Maximize Sustainability On The Regular Basis. When It Comes To Designing A Green Solution, There Are Many Steps To Consider To Show Your Commitment To Saving The Environment.

How Are Small Boxes For Cosmetics Helpful For Your Business?

The Packaging Had A Severe Impact On The Environment For Many Years. But The Time Has Changed Now; Brands Are Starting To Understand How The Use Of Non-Recyclable Plastic Is A Serious Threat To Our Planet. There Are Several Ways To Ensure A Green Packaging Solution. The First Step Towards Sustainability Is To Choose The Right Size For Your Boxes. It Is Also Essential To Make Sure That You Are Using Recyclable And Reusable Material. Cosmetic Items Are Usually Small, And Packing Them In Standard-Sized Containers Is Only Wasteful. Using Smaller-Sized Containers Not Only Helps To Reduce Waste But Also Results In Cost-Saving Opportunities. With So Many Benefits Of Using Small Boxes For Cosmetics, Here Are Some Reasons Why You Need To Make A Switch To The Custom Containers:

Better Protection with the Right Size

One Of The Significant Benefits Of Using Small Boxes Is Better Protection. When You Pack A Cosmetic Item In Custom Containers, It Will Have Less Void, Which Keeps The Inside Content From Banging Around. Almost 40-50% Of The Customers Return Their Order Only Because Of The Damaged Product. It Can Cost You Big In The Long Run. Ensuring Safe Delivery To The Customers Means No Returns. Protection Is Not The Single Benefit Of Reducing The Dimension. A Few Reductions In The Volume Can Cut Down Your Cost Significantly. Shipping Prices Are Increasing Day By Day, And The Only Way To Deal With It Is To Optimize The Design And Size Of Your Boxes.

Small Lip Balm Boxes

What Are The Benefits Of Using Small Lip Balm Boxes For The Environment?

One Of The Biggest Reasons For Environmental Waste Is The Waste From The Packaging Industry. A Wasteful Solution Can Result In Global Warming, Landfill, And Water Pollution. But It Is Possible To Avoid It By Choosing Small Lip Balm Boxes Instead Of Using Stock Containers. Maybe You Don’t Know That It Can 1000 Years For Plastic To Decompose, And Packaging Is The Biggest Source Of Plastic. Using UN-recyclable Shrink Wrap, Plastic Sheets, And Bubble Wraps To Protect The Inside Content Is Seriously Harmful To The Environment. When You Choose A Box That Fits The Product’s Dimensions, It Eliminates The Need For Any Protective Material. So, Cosmetic Brands Need To Reconsider Their Choices To Be Sustainable.

Environmental Benefits of Optimizing the Packaging Size and Design

Your Business Needs To Consider How Much Material Is Essential For Product Protection And How The Extra Material Can Lead To Environmental Waste. The Best Way To Deal With The Waste Is To Reduce The Size Of Your Cosmetic Boxes And Choose Eco-Friendly Materials. It Can Bring Several Benefits To Your Business, Including The Following:

  • Manufacturing Smaller-Sized Containers Result in Reduced Energy Consumption.
  • It Ultimately Reduces The Risk Of Water Contamination And Air Pollution As Less Material Usage Means Less Landfill.
  • Using Recyclable Material Reduces The Packaging Waste And Also Eliminates The Need Of Producing The Material From The Scratch.
  • It Also Increases The Value Of Your Product And Makes Customers Appreciate The Efforts You Make.
  • Optimizing the Whole Process Can Drive More Business While Reducing the Cost Significantly.

Custom-Sized Lipstick Boxes

Using Custom-Sized Lipstick Boxes Result In Increased Satisfaction

When Customers Order Something Online, They Put Their Trust In You And Rely On You To Receive Their Products Safely. The Least Customers Expect From You Is To Make Sure Their Packages Arrive At Their Doorsteps Damage-Free. Many Cosmetic Lovers Prefer Brands That Are Working For The Betterment Of The Environment And Have A Strong Commitment To Sustainability. By Reducing The Size Of The Custom-Sized Lipstick Boxes, You Make Sure That Customers Are Not Receiving Any Waste Resources And Not Becoming A Part Of Damaging The Planet. Moreover, Customers Don’t Want To Spend Hours And Hours Unboxing To Get A Small Cosmetic Item Out Of The Package. A Well-Designed Unboxing Experience Helps You To Win Customers’ Loyalty And Trust For A Lifetime.

Small Custom Boxes Result In Time and Cost-Saving

The Cost Of Custom Packaging Can Add Up Quickly. If You Will Not Optimize The Process And Take Care Of The Different Factors, It Will Not Only Increase The Cost But Also Reduce The Profit. Using Small-Sized Boxes Means That You Only Have To Spend On What Is Necessary. There Is No Need To Pay For Unnecessary Material. By Reducing The Size Of Your Containers To A Few Inches, You Can Save Significantly On The Material. Choosing The Right Size And Optimizing The Whole Process Not Only Saves Them Money But Also Reduces The Time It Needs To Administer The Whole Process. Designing A Small Size Package Means That You Can Enjoy A Quicker Process And Have The Fastest Turnaround Time Compared To The Stock Containers.

There Are Various Benefits Of Optimizing The Packaging Process. The Best Way To Reduce The Cost And Ensure Better Product Protection Is To Reduce The Size Of Your Containers. Always Consider The Size Or Dimensions Of Your Product Before Picking The Right-Sized Container. With The Help Of Professional Design And Their Expertise, You Can Ensure That Customers Receive Their Products Safely In The Most Sustainable Way.

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