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    In the fragrance market, there are thousands of new products come on a continuous product. So, brands have to see a tough competition to make their product on the top of the chart. One thing which can greatly affect your brand success is custom perfume packaging boxes. Packaging plays a key in drawing customers towards your product. So brands should know that perfume boxes are a key element to raise sales.

    The demand of customers for perfume packaging has shifted from standard boxes to the customized one. That’s why some of the brands hire top packaging experts to design the product boxes. There are many elements of custom perfume packaging which can help to draw attention and to influence customers. Some cosmetic brands often overlook the option of customized boxes just because of the misconceptions. Custom packaging containers are quite affordable and it’s worth investing for.

    Designing perfume boxes by you can be a bit difficult process. But if you are pro then go for it. Whether you DIY to choose a professional, there are few things to keep in mind for a successful design

    Choose the right size of the perfume boxes

    The first and foremost step in designing the perfume packaging is to choose the perfect box. Select the box according to your product, the perfume bottle should properly fit in the box and customers should also not find it difficult to take the product out. Right size also keeps the bottle from banging around and to get damaged. You also don’t have to pay for the void.

    Honesty sells

    If you are honest and authentic with your customers, you can surely earn their loyalty. Several customers face the issues that they won’t get what is depicted on the packaging boxes. As a cosmetic brand, if you want to build a trust relationship with customers, you must sell the originality. Don’t go over the board to make your perfume look ten times better than the reality.

    Should deliver quality cosmetic boxes

    Perfume is one of the luxury products which most people use to show off their personality. While buying the product, customers want everything to be elegant and in style. You must focus on designing the custom perfume packaging boxes which not only delivers quality but also attractive. The visual and texture should assure customers that they are buying a quality product.

    Design it for marketing

    Another element to make your product successful is to market it. If you are new in the business and don’t have enough budget for promotional purposes, perfume packaging boxes can help you out. Use of logo and other brand elements build a unique identity of your brand. Customers will share a unique and innovative box in their circle.

    Add a unique and innovative style

    When it comes to stand out with packaging, opt for something which is unique and can help you to catch the customer’s eye. Ditch the usual style of the boxes and try out something new like sliding drawer or suitcase-style boxes. Customers attract t things which look different from the other. Plastic window cut-outs are another option for stylish packaging.

    Product safety should be the priority

    The main aim of the packaging should be fulfilled no matter what it takes to happen. Perfume usually comes in the delicate glass bottles which need extra protection during stacking and shipping. So, it is important to use hard and sturdy material to ensure the safest delivery.

    Select the right material, eco-friendly boxes

    For custom boxes, the choice of material is unlimited. From cardboard to corrugate to Kraft, you can choose what suits you and your product. But keep two things in mind. The material should be durable enough to withstand the weight of a perfume bottle. Moreover, the material should be fully recyclable and reusable. It helps you to get more customers and to raise product sales.

    Above tips can help you to design the perfume packaging in the best possible way. If you need further help or need expert advice, you can contact the designer of WOW cosmetic boxes. We strive to design the packaging which suits your needs and product requirements. For more information contact our chat support.


    Sizes Available in all custom sizes
    Printing & Add On CMYK, PMS, Foiling, Spot UV, Embossing, Plastic Window.
    Material 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Kraft, Eco Friendly, E-flute.Mini
    Minimum Run Starts from 100 boxes.
    Finishes Gloss/Matte/Uncoated.
    Custom Die cutting, pasting, perforation.
    Mock Up Free Digital Proof With 2D & 3D view.
    Delivery Fastest Turnaround time.