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Custom nail polish boxes provide a perfect solution for the packaging of nail products. These boxes come in all size and styles.  The unique design of nail polish boxes can add visual appeal to your products and help to get better sales. WOW Cosmetic Boxes offer complete protection for a fragile product like nail polish.

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    Few Things The Best Custom Nail Polish Boxes Must Have

    The cosmetic industry is growing at a fast rate. Retail and online stores are full of makeup product. If you take a visit to a cosmetic store, you will see different nail polishes packed in custom nail polish boxes and a variety of makeup item packaged in custom boxes. These packaging containers help to present the product professionally and also influence customers to make a purchase decision.

    When it comes to cosmetics, the customer always demands high-quality products as it is a matter of their skin.  But don’t you think it can be difficult to choose the best if you haven’t any prior experience?? There is one thing on which you can rely to pick the best for you. Yes, we are talking about product packaging.

    Designing the cosmetic packaging can be an exciting and challenging task. If you have designed a product packaging, how will you know whether it is perfect or not?? A test run and customer’s feedback can help you out but before presenting your product in the market, you can read our guide.  Here we will tell you about the few things which a well-designed nail polish packaging should have

    The design that stands out

    If your nail polish packaging will not stand out on the shelves, it will be impossible for you to draw customers. The first step in the design process is to have a unique design.  If your product will look like other, customers will not notice it. The design elements which can make your packaging more appealing are color, images, typography, and the logo. A stand-out design is critical for the success of cosmetic brands.

    Strong and durable material

    One thing in packaging on which you can’t compromise is the durability of the box. If your custom boxes failed to protect the product, you are in danger. Nail polish usually comes in glass and plastic jars. It increased the chance of breakage or damage during shipping. So, it is essential to use strong and sturdy material for packaging boxes. Also, use the box which encloses the box perfect without leaning extra space.

    Clear brand element

    Every customer wants to know the brand behind the product that he is buying. Cosmetic brands should come in branded packaging. It will help loyal customers to spot new products from their favorite brand. The logo is the unique element which also contributes towards a standout design. Custom nail polish boxes with logo assure customers that they are buying a high standard product and it also results in higher brand recall.

    Experience in itself

    The contact of customers with the product should be an unforgettable experience. If you have an appealing packaging, it will trigger customers to know more about the product. Customers will surely pick it and examine it. So, it is important that your nail polish packaging should provide good texture and feel.  It should give a sense of quality and luxury.

    Don’t forget the sustainability of custom cosmetic boxes

    An important issue which most of the cosmetic often overlook is sustainable packaging for cosmetics. Plastic is the biggest danger to the environment and brands should avoid it at all costs. If your nail polish boxes don’t offer recyclability, customers will choose the completion over you. Choose Eco-friendly material which can be recycled for the manufacturing of new boxes. For this purpose, custom Kraft boxes are one of the best options.

    Form and Function

    Form and function is an important part of successful packaging design. Your boxes should not only protect the products but also provide ease and convenience to customers. It should provide the ease to open the box and to take the product out it. Moreover, in the excitement of doing something unique, don’t choose oddly or bulky shaped boxes. It will be hard for retailers to stack the boxes on the shelves.

    Nail polish packaging is critical in attracting customers. Cosmetic brands should consider all the factors while designing the packaging. If you own a makeup product line and in search of a packaging expert, WOW cosmetic boxes are here for help. We specialize in designing the best cosmetic packaging for all products.