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    According to a recent study, the market for essential oils has seen a growth of 10% in recent years. People are using these oils for centuries. But now people are appreciating it more due to their unlimited benefits and the unique custom essential oil packaging boxes. Product packaging appeal to customers and influence customers to buy the product. So, brands are putting much effort to design a unique and appealing design. But there are some problems which cosmetic brands can face in the whole process

    8 out of 10 cosmetic brands have faced some packaging issues and problems. The issues may vary but the solution is to focus and work properly on each step. Here are some of the common issues which most of the essential oil brands face

    The box is not properly sealed

    If your essential oil boxes are not properly sealed, it only shows the unprofessionalism of your brand. Customers will not pick up the box which is already open.  Proper sealing is not only good for the image but also keeps the product from falling out. You should work to identify this packaging fault before shipping your boxes to the retailers.

    Bottles are broken

    For fragile items like essential oil bottles, safety is the big concern of brands and customers. A bad shipping experience can make you lose your loyal customers. It will only add to your cost in the form of the highest number of returns. So, to keep your customers happy it is important to use durable packaging material. If you feel the need for inner packaging, you can opt for bubble wrap or foam peanuts.

    Boxes are wrongly labeled

    The biggest packaging problem of all the time is that custom essential oil packaging boxes are wrongly labeled. It is rare to spot such mistakes but accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Sometimes it’s the spelling mistake, incorrect manufacturing/expiration weight, price or net weight. You should use proofreading software before finalizing the design. Otherwise, it will result in total recall and additional cost of reprinting essential oil packaging labels.

    Not so unique on the shelves

    One of the problems which you may not recognize on the initial stage is not so unique packaging. If your essential oil boxes look the same as of the other brands, customers will look for something unique over you.  Packaging which stands out on the shelves captures customer’s attention instantly. So, your packaging should be unique, should be brand-aligned, must have an appealing design and should be shelf-ready.

    The packaging is non-recyclable

    The problem of non-recyclable packaging is reducing now but some businesses are still facing it. The preferences of customers have changed and the first thing they looked in the packaging whether it is eco-friendly or not. If your essential oil packaging containers have recyclability issues, you must resolve it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can get you negative reviews and low sales.

    Not changing with the time

    Your essential oils are on shelves for so long and you haven’t seen any sales. One of the reasons could be that every brand is moving forward and you are still stuck with the old packaging. To compete in the cosmetic market, it is crucial to keep an eye on the latest trend of the packaging. We are not saying that follow the trend blindly but you can take inspiration and can know the preferences of customers.

    There are some functionality issues

    One of the common problems which most cosmetic brands face is functionality. This issue can also come in essential oil packaging. If your boxes are not customer’s friendly, they will surely prefer other brands for next purchase. So, to earn the customers for a lifetime make your packaging box easy to open and close. Moreover, choose the right box size to avoid minor issues.

    If you work properly through each of the steps, you can solve the issues at initial stages. Well-Designed custom essential oil packaging boxes are all you need to make your essential oil bottles stand out. If you want to ignore the problems at all, you must contact WOW cosmetic boxes now. You can connect with us at our number for one to one discussion.