Soap Packaging – How to be sustainable?

February 4, 2022

soap packaging

Sustainable packaging is the latest trend in the industry. It is becoming more crucial to be eco-friendly as people are getting educated on the harmful effects of a non-recyclable solution. But before practicing sustainability, it is essential to understand what it is all about. Long before the modern industrial age, there were three basic processes. We Make, We Use, and We Dispose of. But this chain of the process put a significant strain on Mother Nature. That’s why customers are emphasizing sustainable solutions. It has become a must for the brand and manufacturers to shift their mindset to eco-friendly practices; We Make, We Use, and We Reuse. As a soap brand, you must be committed to designing eco-friendly Soap Packaging. It will help to improve the brand image without compromising the product’s integrity. Going green is an ideal way to expand the customer base and win their loyalty.

Use Recyclable Material for Soap Packaging

One of the simple and best practices to reduce Soap Packaging waste is to use fully recyclable material. This one step can make a significant difference to your production cost. The advancement of technology has made it possible to recycle everything, even plastic. Paperboard and cardboard are some of the most used examples of recycled materials. Paperboard is made out of paper pulp. It is light in weight and easy on the pockets. You can cut and structure it to design the perfect custom boxes. Another affordable option is to use the boxes, which come from previously used and recycled plastic. Recycled plastic is the best option for small and new businesses.

Plant-Based and Edible Materials Are Popular For Soap Packaging

Innovative materials are rapidly making their place in the cosmetic industry. Plant-based and edible materials are playing a significant role in reducing waste. As the name suggests, plant-based materials come from mushrooms, seaweed, corn, and food waste. You can choose the right material depending on the production you are packing. If you are selling soap or delicate cosmetic items, choose the sustainable material and ensure complete protection. For bulky and heavy items, cornstarch and mushroom-based materials work best. Edible materials are a step forward to designing a fully recyclable solution. Edible Soap Packaging is an ideal option for those who are aiming for zero waste. You can say that edible materials are a family of plant-based materials as both come from the same sources.

cosmetic packaging

cosmetic packaging

Reduce the size of the Cosmetic Packaging

Reducing the carbon footprints of the Cosmetic Packaging means reducing the material you are using. It means that you will use smaller boxes and packages. The smaller the box, the less it will cost you to produce and ship it. You can reduce the size and weight of your containers with smaller packing material and a few filler materials. You can also change the way you place the product in the box. It can also help to reduce the size. For example, if you are packing more than one or two items in a container, you can try out different positioning to find the one which saves the most space. When deciding on the material, make sure to choose the recyclable and reusable material.

Use Recyclable Material for Cushioning In Your Cosmetic Packaging

Styrofoam and bubble wraps are one of the main sources of packing waste. They always end up in the dumpsters. It is time to replace the non-sustainable cushioning with corrugated bubble wrap and recyclable air pillows. These are great eco-friendly alternatives. Recyclable air pillows are mostly used in Cosmetic Packaging. These bags consist of air which provides the ultimate protection and reduces the usage of plastic cushioning. You can reuse, recycle, and even biodegrade these air pillows. Another great cushioning option is the bubble wraps. Manufacturers are using recycled cardboard to produce recycled bubble wrap. Upcycling is one of the best practices to be eco-friendly. The only downside of the corrugated bubble wrap is that you don’t get the chance to pop the bubbles.

lip balm packaging

lip balm packaging

Share Recycling Best Practices with Lip Balm Packaging

One of the ideal ways to improve your image in customers’ eyes is to educate them on sustainable practices. It will make the customer realize your sincere efforts of saving the environment. Use your Lip Balm Packaging to share the general best practices of recycling. Make sure to label the boxes reusable or recyclable. It will make it easy for the customers to dispose of the containers the right way. Many businesses are doing a pretty good job in this regard. They not only label the package clearly but also add a whole line to ask customers for the recycling. You can also ask customers for their ideas and sustainability. Tell them to share their sustainable practices on your social media handles.

Choose a Sustainable Manufacture for Lip Balm Packaging

When you are trying your best to be eco-friendly with Lip Balm Packaging, don’t forget to choose the manufacturer that prioritizes eco-friendliness. Before making the final decision, make sure to ask the supplier about their production processes and practices. Ask them whether they use fully recyclable material or partially sustainable one. If they allow you to get a look at their equipment and facilities, don’t miss the opportunity. It will help you make the right choice. You can also check the review and feedback on their website and social media channels. It is a crucial decision of the whole designing process. So do your research and ask for recommendations to choose the best.

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