Soap Boxes – Avoid these Common Mistakes

March 1, 2022

Organic Soap Packaging

Designing a custom packaging solution may seem to be one of the simplest tasks associated with sunning a soap business. But if you don’t design it properly, you will know designing Soap Boxes is not a piece of cake. Many things can go wrong while designing a customized solution. There are several crucial things to consider before starting the design process. What can work best for you depends on several factors, including product, budget, targeted audience, and brand identity. One thing to keep in mind is that your packaging solution is key to your business’s success. If you have advanced techniques and an experienced team, there is still a chance of occurring an issue. Small mistakes can lead to big consequences. You can end up spending more, making your customers wait, or shipping a damaged item. Today, we will share the top mistakes soap brands make.

Choosing the Wrong Material and Style for Soap Boxes

Picking the packaging material for the Soap Boxes may seem a simple process to you, but it is one of the common mistakes that most businesses make. There are many ways in which choosing the right material and style can lead to the issues. With a too-large box, you will end up spending more on the material and shipping cost. Consider the product dimension and weight to find the right box. Customers also don’t appreciate enclosing a small item in a large package. Picking a small box is not even an option. The problem with small size containers is the damaged product. Don’t risk your brand reputation to save some bucks. Find the right size and use durable materials such as cardboard, Kraft, and rigid paper.

Too Fancy or Not Customized Enough Soap Boxes

When you think of custom packaging, you might picture a box with attractive colors and beautiful artwork. Whether you are designing packaging for the shelf or the shipping, the visual appeal of your Soap Boxes matters. Most e-commerce brands make the mistake of choosing plain brown containers. Only a few choose a customized solution to enhance the customer experience. The key to a unique and creative design is balancing simplicity and customization. A design that is way too fancy and too simple will not work. For soap items, it is ideal to go for a minimal design.  Use neutral tones, simple fonts, and illustrated patterns to grab your attention. An attractive design can make all the difference.

Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic Boxes

Overlooking the Sustainability While Designing Cosmetic Boxes

It is no secret that custom packaging has a significant impact on the environment. Online shopping is becoming an essential part of the routine due to the rise of the pandemic. The brands need to consider the waste which is produced by the shipping packages. 87% of customers admitted they have a positive perception of a sustainable business. 92% said they are more likely to be loyal to a business that supports eco-friendliness. In short, customers are ready to pay more for eco-friendly Cosmetic Boxes. Fortunately, there are many options available that you can use to design a green solution. You can reduce the size of the box, which ultimately leads to less material usage. Always pick recyclable and reusable material for the product package.

Not Considering the Cost of Producing Cosmetic Boxes

Designing a custom packaging solution is not a cheap option. If you are an e-commerce brand, you have to pay for the packing and shipping. The cost of designing Cosmetic Boxes can depend on many factors. From the choice of the material to the finishing option, there are many things to consider while planning your packaging budget. No matter what options you choose, always ensure complete protection for the packaged item. It will minimize the returns. You may not know returns are inefficient and very costly. Many brands fail to plan the packaging budget efficiently. We recommend taking professionals to identify all the requirements and evaluate the cost accordingly.

Lip Balm Boxes

Lip Balm Boxes

Not Considering the Product Description While Designing Lip Balm Boxes

Overlooking the product requirement is also a common mistake. Some items are extra fragile and need extra protection, while some don’t require multiple safety layers. When you design packaging for cosmetic items, there are several things to take into account. Consider the weight, size, and dimension of your product while picking the box. Pick the size and style which enclose your product without leaving any void. When you are packing more than one item, use custom inserts and dividers to hold the items at a place. If your order needs extra care during transportation and handling, mention it on the shipping package. Take your time to package and ship the product properly.

Comprising the Customer Experience with Lip Balm Boxes

Providing an enhanced customer experience is the key to making your e-commerce business more successful. If you don’t meet the expectations of your potential customers, they can look for other options. Take your time to plan the unboxing experience for the customers. It will make them feel that you have put your heart into packing the order. Inserting a Thank You note or writing an appreciation on the inside of the lid is the way to go. You can also include colorful shrink paper or custom tissue paper in the Lip Balm Boxes. A good experience with your brand makes the customers come back to you for future business. You can also encourage your customers to provide feedback with social media handles.

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