Bath Bomb Boxes – Reduce Your Packaging Waste

December 20, 2021

Bath Bomb Boxes

The bath bomb industry is growing than ever before. Brands provide customers with unlimited choices and high-quality products. So it is of no surprise that there is an increase in demand. Recently, the corona pandemic has made people go for e-commerce stores instead of retail ones. We admit that shopping online is great in many ways. You don’t have to go out of your comfort zone, but there is also a dark side to it. The more boxes arrive at your doorstep, the more waste they will create. You have to admit that there is a lot of excessive packaging that is unnecessary. From a business point of view, custom Bath Bomb Boxes are the face of your business, and it is a key area where you can work to improve your image as an e-commerce brand.

Cut The Use of Plastic with Custom Bath Bomb Boxes

One of the biggest contributions to environmental waste is the use of plastic. So it is no surprise that you have to cut or reduce the use of plastic. We know that recyclable plastic is available in the market, but we are talking about single-use which is the main source of waste. Custom boxes are an ideal replacement for plastic packaging. When it comes to wrapping the product before enclosing them, you can go for paper-based alternatives. It will give your packaging solution a low-waste feel and make it look more upscale. In short, cutting the use of plastic is an ideal way to enhance the unboxing experience for your ideal customers.

Avoid Over-packing Your Items

One of the biggest complaints customers have with the e-commerce brands is over-packing. It is not only the concern of the customers, but it is very dangerous for the environment. The more material you use for the product packing, the more waste there is to dispose of after unboxing. It can make customers frustrated when they have to go some extra steps to get small bath bombs out of the box. If you are packing more than one item, make sure to use sustainable cardboard inserts instead of using a lot of packing peanuts. Over-packing is bad for the customers, environment, and your company’s revenue. Make sure to work with an expert to know how much protection your product needs, create a prototype, and test the final solution.

Soap Boxes

Use Recyclable and Reusable Material for Soap Boxes

When customers purchase in the stores, they look for an item that comes in an Eco-friendly package. Store owners what people want, and that’s why they are partnering with the green brands. So if you are looking to take a prominent place on the shelves, choose recyclable and reusable Soap Boxes. Non-toxic and recyclable materials are the best option for all your packaging needs. Moreover, as a business, it is your responsibility to reduce the waste which ends up being the landfill. You can reuse the material or left-over boxes for the new production process. It is not only a sustainable option but also helps you to reduce the manufacturing cost. Some brands are also choosing materials that don’t require recycling.

Reduce The Use of Conventional Material

In a highly competitive market, brands need to get one step ahead of their competitors. So it is time that businesses stop using conventional materials and find better alternatives. Try to choose the design which requires less material during the manufacturing process. Instead of using virgin paper and wood, go for sustainable options like recyclable fiber-based material. If you are sending the goods to the customers in reusable and personalized containers, encourage them to keep the box with them and reuse it for storage purposes. Maybe you don’t know that there has been tremendous advancement in the packaging industry. Companies are producing edible and plant-based materials to reduce the carbon footprints on the environment.

Lip Balm Boxes

Work With Sustainable Supply Chain Partners for Lip Balm Boxes

All businesses already have a packaging solution, and it is time to get insight and transparency into the whole process. Analyze and audit all the steps involved in the production of custom Lip Balm Boxes. You need to identify all the processes and materials which are wasteful and consume the maximum resources. Once you have understood the complete process and know what your shortcoming is, it is time to find a sustainable partner. Review all your current options and explore different options to reduce the environmental impact. If your current options are wasteful, work with Eco-friendly manufacturers to create a new solution to package your items. Working with an expert supply chain partner to change the process for improvement.

Training Your Staff Is Also Essential

Believe it or not, your staff has a significant role to play in reducing packaging waste. If you are producing the waste and not disposing of it properly, your workers are not properly trained for waste disposal. Therefore, you should educate your staff on how to optimize the whole process and reduce packaging waste. It will not only help the environment but make your organization grow economically. Encourage your workers to adopt healthy practices and be a helping hand to reduce the harmful impacts. One of the ideal ways is to reward the employees for their sustainable efforts. You can also arrange courses or trainings to improve the current practices.

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